Does God Exist? -or, is that the right question?

If you are religious, then you already know the answer to this question. However, if someone else has another religion or no religion, then they know the answer to this question as well. And, they usually know it with a fervor.

That’s why this article is not about religion. It is simply to ask if God exists and if your religion is the ‘right’ religion or if you have no religion at all will you take on the characteristics of the God that you worship or the values you embrace and show it powerfully in the world?

Ok, so here is the question I want to ask.

Are you dependent on something bigger than yourself for your very existence?

Here’s how I look at it.

I could not exist if a sperm and egg did not get together and start the process of my life. So, if my parents did not create me, then I wouldn’t exist. 

We live on this planet that is warmed by the sun. If the sun did not shine, I could not exist. I breathe all day every day and I would not exist if it were not for the air I breathe. i could not exist if I didn’t get food from plants and animals that give me nourishment.

So, I depend on something bigger than myself for my very existence.

Some people say it’s all just a random chemical development but, in that case, where did the chemicals come from?

And, since we live in a world that deals with physical reality and an invisible reality (Thoughts, feelings, love, hope, faith, justice, desire, beauty, peace and joy) then, whatever created this thing called life deals with both sides of the equation.

Did you ever try to imagine what it would be like if there was never, ever anything at all? Not just the vastness of an empty space but simple nothing at all?

I can’t conceive of it all. 


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Darold Turock